Blossom is an educational residence for young women and men who have dropped out of school in Kerala, where they can continue their academic study and develop confidence. Our curriculum emphasizes communicative English, public speaking, computer skills, the arts and academic mastery.

Why Blossom?

In Kerala, the dropout rate for girls is very high in the Dalit community, those traditionally-considered “untouchable”. Girls’ individual excellence is not encouraged by their families, their communities or the society at large. Further, girls are often pressured to work before they finish their education. However, if these girls live in an environment where boys and girls support and encourage one another, where they can feel secure, loved and cared for, they will build their self-esteem. This is our motivation and this is the inspiration for Blossom Projects.

Why Are Girls and Boys Learning Together?

Our learning community, Lokuttara Leadership Academy, had an established residential program for boys who have dropped out of school. Lokuttara provides training in  Communicative English, computer literacy, personality development, and the Arts, along with daily meditation for these boys. They prepare their own meals and clean their hostel and the classrooms, and they learn how to collaborate and how to lead. We just graduated our fifth cohort of residential boy students, with all of our students making positive life changes after our course. We are proud of these students and their diligence!

Because of this success, many parents have said they want their daughters to study with us. Bringing girls into Blossom Projects allows us to offer the same program for girls that we do for boys. The hostels will be segregated by gender and the daily classes at the academy will be integrated, in an environment of mutual respect and encouragement, where both girls and boys are trained to express themselves, to actively listen, and to collaborate. Blossom will create an environment at our academy where both girls and boys will thrive.

How Does Blossom Operate?

Blossom is two secure single-gnder residential communities, overseen by wardens. Students stay for ten months,  attending courses at Lokuttara Leadership Academy. Students cook and clean their hostel and attend their courses, regularly and punctually . After the course, they may take their exams and re-enroll in school. They also have an opportunity to return to  their own villages, serving as youth leaders, training younger students and creating their own unique social projects, with the help of our Lokuttara Leadership Academy alumni network.

Our second 10-month residential program is currently in session.

Everyone associated with Blossom is required to follow Lokuttara Leadership Academy’s Youth Protection Policy.

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