The Girl Effect


This week was the International Day of the Girl. For us, at Blossom Projects, every day in The International Day of the Girl! Every day we re-commit, with our friends from around the world, to our students. 

The girls and young women at BLOSSOM PROJECTS, just as other Dalit women, face 3 challenges:

#1: Sexual abuse from outside and inside their own communities, leaving them with trauma and low self-esteem.

#2: Families suffering from substance abuse and domestic violence, living in unsafe households.  

#3: Isolation in small rural villages and communities in remote forest areas.

The value of educating girls is well-documented. The World Bank even reports that the only true solution to Climate Change is the education of girls, calling it The Girl Effect.

Our student Malu demonstrates The Girl Effect in motion. Malu, who has been with us since she was 13, is one of our stars, and has been a student leader and organizer. One year Malu’s parents wouldn’t giver her permission to attend our training, and she went on a Hunger Strike. This is a girl from a poor rural family, so denying herself nutrition in this way was a true health risk. This is how much she wanted an education. How much she valued what we offered. And it convinced her parents. Malu’s hunger strike has inspired other girls. When their parents also forbade them from returning to our trainings, they followed Malu’s example. This is The Girl Effect, in real life. This is the seriousness, the creativity, the passion, and the commitment I see in every one of our students.

Malu is now in university. She has organized her own education workshops for the children of her village, and has switched her major from Pre-Med to Social Work, because she is committing herself to improving life for young people in her community. Malu is The Girl Effect!

Thank you for believing in Blossom Projects, and for investing in a new generation of loal and global leaders. Thank you for investing in THE GIRL EFFECT!