The Blossom Projects Team

Arun Boudh is the Founder of Blossom Projects. In 2009 Arun formed a Kerala-based team to lead Communicative English projects for youth in Kerala. In 2014, this Kerala team launched an alternative learning community, Lokuttara Leadership Academy. In 2015, Lokuttara added an educational residence for boys, and in 2017 an educational residence for girls. Blossom Projects, now serving both residential boys and girls, cultivates confidence, creativity and compassion, training students as social entrepreneurs to create solutions in their own communities.


Arun Boudh, Co-Founder and Director

Arun is Co-Founder and Director and of Lokuttara Leadership Academy. He is from Kerala, a graduate in BA Malayalam literature from BM College in Mavelikara, and completed his diploma in Buddhism and Social work course at Nagarjuna Training Institute in Nagaloka in Nagpur. He is a Buddhist practitioner practicing in Triratna Bouddha Maghasangh as a Dhammamitra. Since 2009 he has been closely working with JBI. He leads several social work training, educational workshops, and Ambedkerite Buddhist teachings in Kerala.




Anju Gopinath, Executive Administrator

Anju has led Lokuttara Leadership Academy's admnistration since March 2015. Anju is a MECS B-Com graduate from Kerala University, Mavelikara, and she completed a Computer Accounting Diploma in Indian and Foreign Accounting (DIFA) course at G-Tec Mavelikara. She leads Lokuttara’s bookkeeping, office management, and community outreach. Anju’s passion is teaching and she has operated her own private tutoring services since 2009. She co-teaches and translates at Lokuttara’s workshops and public programs. 


Mrs. Archana Jomon, English Program Chair

Archana has been working as Lokuttara Leadership Academy’s lead English Teacher and Curriculum Coordinator since 2015. She is a trained BSc nurse, a graduate of  St. Gregarious College of Nursing, Parumala under M. G University, with two-and-a-half years of experience in the nursing field both inside and outside Kerala, including one year in Mumbai, at Mahatma Gandhi Medical College. Archana also  did a one-year Computer Teacher Training, as well as a 6-month IELTS course. In addition to leading our English program and developing student-centered learning materials, Archana co-teaches and translates at Lokuttara’s workshops and public programs.


Anju Usha, Computer Teacher

Anju is Lokuttara Leadership Academy’s new Computer Teacher. She is a B-Com Taxation graduate from MSM College Kayamkulam, and completed a one-year junior diploma course in Co-operation and a one year Computer Teacher Training. Before joining Lokuttara Leadership Academy, Anju led computer classes for six months at a local school.