In July 2017, a new educational hostel for young women, Blossom Projects, launched in Kerala. In July 2018 we are launching our second 10-month program for new students, as well as a continuing program for students from our first 10-month session. In our program young women and young men study and learn together at our Academy, encouraging one another, cooperating with one another, respecting one another. These are Blossom Youth!

Join our global community of friends to make the continuation of Blossom Projects a success. Here is how your investment is spent: $2,000 supports one student for the full 10-month program, $1,000 supports 5 students for a month, $200 supports one student for a month, $50 one student for one week. That's just over $7 a day.

Blossom Projects is one of two residential programs hosted by Lokuttara Leadership Academy, with the support of Jai Bhim International.


All contact information shared with Blossom Project is kept completely confidential. We never sell or share postal or the email addresses, phone numbers or other personal information of anyone in our community of supporters.